Drag Route Feature

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RV LIFE Trip Wizard leverages the power of HERE maps to take care of your actual trip planning processes.

However, the route provided might not always be the one you prefer. So, RV LIFE Trip Wizard allows you to drag your route to go wherever you want.

Note: Using the drag route feature may override the selections from your Trip Preferences. You will see a warning on your trip drawer regarding the overridden routing preferences.

Using The Drag Route Feature

Suppose you were headed through Missouri on your way to Omaha, Nebraska:

  • Click the Drag Route button in the upper left portion of the map to make the route draggable. The Drag Route button will appear dark red when active.

TIP: For a clearer view of your entire trip, you can disable the Parks icons and click Show Entire Trip next to the Drag Route button
  • Move your cursor to the existing route. A white dot will appear on the route.
  • Move this dot to the intersection of two roads, click and hold the mouse button and drag to adjust your route. This adjustment will also appear as a Waypoint in your itinerary.

  • To undo your drag and return to the previous route, simply click the Trash Can icon next to the Waypoint you wish to delete in the Trip Drawer. The Waypoint will disappear and your previous route will be reinstated.
TIP: Once you are finished with your newly adjusted route, be sure to click the Drag Route button once again to deactivate it. Not deactivating the Drag Route feature might cause you to create unnecessary way points.
Note: Selecting the round trip option for your return trip will bring the route back to the original route and NOT your customized dragged route.