Using Map Settings

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The Map Settings button allows you to customize your map view, as well as add/remove what information you want displayed.

To access Map Settings:

  • Tap on the Map Settings button on the top menu

  • A pop-up menu will appear with various options to choose from.

  • Map Style lets you choose from Street Map (default), Night Map, Terrain Map, and Satellite Map.
  • Driving Radius lets you toggle between showing advanced radius and classic radius. To learn more about driving radius, check the Driving Radius article.
  • Show Campgrounds lets you choose to show campgrounds displayed on the map. There is also a shortcut to hide or show campgrounds on the map. Click on the campgrounds icon near the top of the map to quickly turn the Campgrounds display on and off.
  • Show POIs lets you choose to show points of interests displayed on the map. You can also toggle this by clicking the POIs icon on the top menu.
  • Toggling Enable Filters will show the Filters you have selected within the Parks section of the Research tab (Filters must be selected to display on map).
  • Toggling Show Low Clearances on will display any low clearances on or near your route, such as bridges or underpasses. You may have to zoom in on the map to view. 
  • Weather layers can be toggled to show current weather, windspeed, and any areas that may be experiencing wildfires
  • Time Zones divides the map into the different US time zones.

Note: Once you have selected your map settings, you'll notice the number of settings you have selected will appear in the Map Settings button. To remove Map Settings, simply click/tap the Map Setting button and toggle them off individually.

Display Wildfire Layer

To display the wildfire layer:

  • Tap on the Map Settings button on the top menu.
  • Under Map Overlay Layers, click on Weather Layers.
  • You will see three toggle options- Radar, Windspeed, and Wildfires. Toggle Wildfires on.

Once turned on, icons with a fire in the center will appear on the map in every area we have current data on wildfires. If you click on one of those icons, a popup will appear.

Depending on the information we have available, the popup will give you: the fire's name, the containment percentage, the number of acres burned, when the fire was first reported, and when the last update came through.

Note: These fire warnings are meant to give you an idea of what hazards might exist during your trip, but you should always contact local authorities to make sure you have the newest information if it appears a fire may pose a threat to your intended route.

Check this video out to learn about Map Settings in detail: