Using the Research Tab

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The Research Drawer in RV LIFE Trip Wizard allows you to explore nearby Parks/Campgrounds and Points of Interest on the Trip Wizard map. The Research Drawer can come in handy specially when you’re looking to stop at nearby attractions along your route.

Accessing the Research Tab

Simply click on the Research button on the right side of your screen to access the trip drawer. It is recommended you select a trip stop to begin with so that the Research Drawer shows you parks and POIs near that trip stop.

Alternatively, you can also access the Research Drawer by clicking on the Filter icon in the top menu.  .

The research drawer will have three tabs as shown- Parks, Points of Interest, and Hazards.

TIP: If you see “0 Parks in view”, you might have the Parks button turned off. If you have it turned on and you still cannot see the parks in view, try zooming the map out.


The parks tab will show you parks near to your trip stops. To see more parks around that area, you can simply zoom out your map. The further you zoom your map out, the more parks you will see.

You can toggle between Show Parks List and Show Filters. The parks list will show you parks in the surrounding area whereas the filters will allow you to narrow down the parks according to your preferences. 

To view a specific park from the park list, hover over the park name on the research drawer. You’ll notice a bouncing campground icon on the map where the park is located. 

To view the park in detail, click on the park’s name on the research drawer. In this case, we have selected Cherry Hill Mobile Home Park.

To add the selected park to your itinerary, click on “Add to your trip” on the top right hand side of the tab. 
You can also Filter nearby parks on the basis of ratings, reviews, amenities, etc to further refine your results.

Points of Interest

The points of interest tab helps you find fuel stations, area attractions, rest areas, and much more near your trip stops. 

NOTE: Points of Interest and Additional Area Attractions will only show when you are zoomed in close enough to the map.  If you are zoomed too far out, Trip Wizard will not display them.

You can click on any POIs that you wish to view near your trip stop. For the example below, we have selected Fuel. Any fuel stops in the immediate area have appeared on the map.

Adding a gas station refueling (or other POI trip stop) to your itinerary works the same as adding Parks. 

  • Click on the icon you wish to include. 
  • A popup window will appear with additional information. 
  • Click on “Add to Trip” to add the stop to your trip.


Because RVs are generally large vehicles with a height/width exceeding that of regular passenger vehicles, there may be times when you may not be able to travel a specific route due to low overpasses.

Fortunately, the Hazards tab allows you to view potential hazards during the trip planning process.

Any time you wish to adjust/clear Hazards from the map area, simply click on Clear Hazards at the bottom of the Hazards Tab.