Export To Magellan

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Your Trip Wizard planned trips are easily available while traveling. Simply download the RV LIFE app to your mobile device and log in.  You will find your Trip Wizard planned trips under "trips" in the navigation menu. You can view turn by turn directions or begin real time navigation. The directions that follow offer another alternative.

This page assumes you have already downloaded the .csv file to your device. If you have not already done so, please refer to Export to GPS before proceeding.

With the exception of the Magellan RoadMate Pro 9165T, all other Magellan RoadMate models come with software that lets you convert trip data files to the Magellan format in order to bring them into a Magellan GPS.


  1. Use Magellan POI File Editor to convert files to Magellan format (.mgln file).
  2. Use Magellan RoadMate Tools to transfer the the .mgln file from your computer to your GPS via a USB cable.
  3. Enable the file on your GPS by going to: Navigation Options > Configuration > Custom POI's > Select a POI File.

A Note on the Magellan RoadMate Pro 9165T

The Magellan RoadMate Pro 9165T is a joint venture with Good Sam Enterprises and does not permit adding Points of Interest to the unit. Of course, RV Trip Wizard can create a trip data file. However, it is up to the manufacturer to provide software that will take this trip data and convert it into file format that is compatible with the GPS.

At this time the Magellan RoadMate Pro 9165T has not provided such software, however according to Magellan "the ability to enter coordinates as destination may be considered as an update in the future."

Should we find a way to upload RV Trip Wizard data to the 9165T, we will be sure to update this page.