Export To TomTom

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Your Trip Wizard planned trips are easily available while traveling. Simply download the RV LIFE app to your mobile device and log in.  You will find your Trip Wizard planned trips under "trips" in the navigation menu. You can view turn by turn directions or begin real time navigation. The directions that follow offer another alternative.

This page assumes you have already downloaded the .gpx or .csv file to your device. If you have not already done so, please refer to Export to GPS before proceeding.

Unlike other GPS/Navigation devices, TomTom uses a file format called .ov2 (instead of .gpx and .csv). Not to worry though. TomTom lets you convert .csv files to .ov2 for free.


  1. Begin by downloading your trip as a .csv file as laid out in the Export to GPS section of this user guide.
  2. Click here to be redirected to the .ov2 converter.


  1. Click Browse to select the file you wish to convert (in this case: route.csv).
  2. Click Start Conversion to complete the conversion process.
  3. Your file will be stored in the same folder as your previous .csv file and is now ready for use.

ready for use.png