Export To Delorme Street Atlas Plus

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Your Trip Wizard planned trips are easily available while traveling. Simply download the RV LIFE app to your mobile device and log in.  You will find your Trip Wizard planned trips under "trips" in the navigation menu. You can view turn by turn directions or begin real time navigation. The directions that follow offer another alternative.

This page assumes you have already downloaded the .csv file to your device. If you have not already done so, please refer to Export to GPS before proceeding.


  1. For Delorme Street Atlas USA Plus, follow the Import Data Instructions found on the device to import trip data into an XData dataset.
  2. Once the dataset has been created, select the query button in XData. This will ensure all stopping points are displayed in the correct order in the XData field.
  3. Right click on the first entry (XMap ID 1) and proceed as follows: Select Route > Set as Start.
  4. Right click on each succeeding XMap ID and proceed as follows: Select Route> Add Stop.
  5. Repeat Step 4 until all XMap ID stopping point have been added.*
Note: Always use ‘Add Stop’ when the starting and ending location are the same place. Once the last point is identified as the end point turn by turn directions will be calculated.