Export To Rand McNally Dock

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Your Trip Wizard planned trips are easily available while traveling. Simply download the RV LIFE app to your mobile device and log in.  You will find your Trip Wizard planned trips under "trips" in the navigation menu. You can view turn by turn directions or begin real time navigation. The directions that follow offer another alternative.

This page assumes you have already downloaded the .csv file to your device. If you have not already done so, please refer to Export to GPS before proceeding.

The Rand McNally Dock works with both the Good Sam and Rand McNally RV GPS units, as well as Rand McNally units*. To download the Dock software visit: http://www.randmcnally.com/support/s/dock-software.

*Tablet owners: Please note that Rand McNally tablets do not use the Dock software, but instead receive all updates via Wi-Fi. Any time you are connected to Wi-Fi and an update is available, you will receive a notification in the upper left corner of your screen.

The following steps should work with most Rand McNally units.


  1. Before you begin, be sure
  2. Right click the file and choose Copy.
  3. Now locate your Rand McNally device in the File Explorer/My Computer (Windows) or Finder (Mac). Double-click to open up the device.
  4. Next locate the Rand McNally folder. Double-click to open.
  5. Now locate the Import Trip folder. If for some reason there is not a folder with this name, create one. Make sure not to put any spaces in the folder name (just make it “Import Trip”).
  6. Double-click to open the Import Trip folder. It should be empty.
  7. Place your cursor in the empty folder area. Right click and choose Paste. Your .csv file should appear.
  8. Now go back and highlight the Rand McNally device in File Explorer/My Computer (Windows) or Finder (Mac).
  9. Right click and choose EJECT. Disconnect your unit when you see a message that says it’s safe to do so. Your Rand McNally GPS will now restart. If it doesn't, power it off and back on again. You will now see a multi-stop trip OR a custom POI ready for import (depends on your version).
  10. Lastly, say yes to proceed or follow individual instructions to finish importing.