Map Pin Legend

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Map Warnings

 Low Fuel Warning

 Low Bridge/Clearance Warning

 Dirt Road

route warning.png Route warning.  Please check the Trip drawer for an explanation.  It could be due to a dirt road, no RV route found, or another avoidance that is violated.


Campground Key

park-marker.png Campground

AAA.png Campground with AAA Membership (when you've selected AAA as a Preferred Campground)

ACN.png  Campground with ACN Membership (when you've selected ACN as a Preferred Campground)

All_CGs_For_Less.png Campground with All Campgrounds for Less Membership (when you've selected All Campgrounds for Less as a Preferred Campground)

aor.png Campground with AOR Membership (when you've selected AOR as a Preferred Campground)

blm.pngBLM Campground (when you've selected BLM as a Preferred Campground)

CAA.png Campground with CAA Membership (when you've selected CAA as a Preferred Campground)

Canadian_National_Park.png Canadian National Park (when you've selected Canadian National Park as a Preferred Campground)

Canadian_Provincial_Park.png Canadian Provincial and Preserves (when you've selected Canadian Provincial and Preserves as a Preferred Campground)

City_Park.png City Park(when you've selected City Park as a Preferred Campground)

Coast_to_Coast_Premier.png Campground with Coast to Coast Membership (when you've selected Coast to Coast as a Preferred Campground)

COE_CG.png Corps of Engineer Campgound (when you've selected Corps of Engineers as a Preferred Campground)

County_Park.png County Park(when you've selected County Park as a Preferred Campground)

Encore.png Campground with Encore Membership (when you've selected Encore as a Preferred Campground)

image (1).png Campground with Enjoy America Membership (when you've selected Enjoy America as a Preferred Campground)

Escapees.png Campground with Escapees Membership (when you've selected Escapees as a Preferred Campground)

FMCA.png Campground with FMCA Membership (when you've selected FMCA as a Preferred Campground)

Freedom_Resorts.png Campground with Freedom Resorts Membership (when you've selected Freedom Resorts as a Preferred Campground)

Good_Sam.png Campground with Good Sam (when you've selected Good Sam as a Preferred Campground)

Happy_Camper.png  Campground with Happy Camper Membership (when you've selected Happy Camper as a Preferred Campground)

KOA.png  Campground with KOA Membership (when you've selected KOA as a Preferred Campground)

Military.png Military Family Campground(when you've selected Military Family Campground as a Preferred Campground)

National_Park.png National Parks, Forests, and Preserves (when you've selected National Parks, Forests, and Preserves as a Preferred Campground)

NACC.png Campground with North American Camping Club Membership(when you've selected North American Camping Club as a Preferred Campground)

Passport_America.png Campground with Passport America Membership(when you've selected Passport America as a Preferred Campground)

image.png Campground with Ready Camp GO! Membership  (when you've selected Ready Camp GO! as a Preferred Campground)

Rec_USA.pngCampground with Recreation USA Membership (when you've selected Recreation USA as a Preferred Campground)

distinct.png Campground with Resorts of Distinction Membership (when you've selected Resorts of Distinction as a Preferred Campground)

RPI.png Campground with RPI Membership (when you've selected RPI as a Preferred Campground)

SKP_Discount.png Campground with SKP Membership(when you've selected SKP as a Preferred Campground)

State_Park.png  State Parks, Forests, and Preserves (when you've selected State Parks, Forests, and Preserves as a Preferred Campground)

TT_Thousand_Trails.png Campground with Thousand Trails Membership (when you've selected Thousand Trails as a Preferred Campground)

TVA_CG.png TVA Campground(when you've selected TVA as a Preferred Campground)

Yogi_Bear.png Campground with Yogi Bear Membership(when you've selected Yogi Bear as a Preferred Campground)

Custom_Stop.png A custom stop


Points of Interest

misc.png Misc. Gas Stations

Rest_Stop_no_Dump_Station.png Rest Area

Bass_Pro_Shops_Park_OK.png Bass Pro Shops

Camping_World.png Camping World

Casino_with_Campground.png Casino with Campground

Costco.png Costco

Golf_Course.png Golf Course

Pet_Hospital.png Pet Hospital

Sams_Club.png Sam's Club

Super_Walmart_Park_OK.png Super Walmart

Walmart_Park_OK.png Walmart

cabela.png Cabela's

pilot.png Pilot

flyingj(1).png Flying J

crackerbarrel.png Cracker Barrel

loves-travel-stop.png Love's Travel Stop

trucks.png Truckstops of America

petro.png Petro

elks.png Elks Lodge

husky.png Husky

moose.png Moose Lodge