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Vanlifers started as just an Instagram account in 2015. The account featured submitted photos from van dwellers across the globe to showcase the lifestyle. Well over 2000 photos later,@vanlifershad amassed a considerable following of 200,000 people. Every one of them was either dreaming of getting their own van or sending pictures of their own build to be featured on the OG Van Life Instagram account.

At the end of 2020, the RV LIFE network purchased the Instagram account to take the idea to the next level. After taking on the Vanlifers torch, it was clear that #vanlife was here to stay, and Instagram will continue to be filled with photos of feet sticking out the back of a Ford Transit on the beach. But while Instagram was a great medium to showcase WHERE you can take van life, it didn’t show HOW to get there. was developed as a complementary resource to the @vanlifers Instagram account to educate those wanting to get into the van lifestyle, answer common questions, provide tips, and be an overall informational resource to the van life community.

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  • Managing Editor:Levi Henley
  • Associate editor:Natalie Henley
  • Editor-in-Chief:Eileen Hubbard
  • Writers and Contributors:Chelsea Gonzales, Christina Nellemann, Debra Pamplin, Diogo Queiroga, Emily Lawrence, Geoff Smith, Gloria Fiocchi, Jamie Leo, Jennifer Jennings, Kendall Jennings, Lucinda Belden, Lynne Fedorick, Mati Bishop, Zoe Craeye

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