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Do It Yourself RV was started in 2013 by a group of RV enthusiasts. Their goal was to share the best the internet offered about ideas, products, and guides on making the most of your RV, Camper, Travel Trailer, Fifth Wheel, and Motorhome. The site’s original about page stated, “We have contributors from all walks of life…We all have one thing in common…a passion for RVing.” 

After years of RVers relying on the site to get their latest DIY RV info, the site was sold in 2016. Today, under the banner of the RV LIFE network, Do It Yourself RV continues to “offer ideas that a beginner can tackle while still offering something that the most technical of RVers can implement.”

As our reader base has grown to seek a wider array of subjects, we have included other topics related to RVing, and today publish articles in many different categories, such as: 

Staff Details

  • Managing Editor:Nikki Cleveland
  • Editor-in-Chief:Eileen Hubbard
  • Writers and ContributorsChelsea Gonzales, Christina Nellemann, Dave Helgeson, Emily Lawrence, Jennifer Jennings, Kendall Jennings, Levi Henley, Lucinda Belden, Lynne Fedorick, Natalie Henley, Nikki Cleveland, Patrick Buchanan, Peggy Dent, Rene Agredano, Terri Nighswonger

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