Billing And Renewal Information

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RV LIFE Trip Wizard allows you to set up recurring payments to avoid any lapses in your subscription while planning and traveling. To locate your billing information:

billing info.png


The RV LIFE PRO Billing Overview will open in a new window.

billing overview.png

 You'll notice three sections: Billing Overview, Payment Methods, and Previous Payments.

  • Billing Overview (shown above): Here you'll find all your necessary billing information, including the type of plan you are enrolled in, when your next payment is due, and whether you have activated Recurring Billing (on or off). To avoid any lapses in your subscription, be sure to turn Recurring Billing On. Naturally, you are free to change this at any time. 

  • Payment Methods: This shows any cards you have saved with Trip Wizard. To update an existing card, click the Update button. If you wish to add a new card, click Add New Card.

  • Previous Payments: This allows you to keep track of your previous payments. If you wish to download an invoice for your records, click the red download button.