Getting Started with RV LIFE Pro

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RV LIFE Pro is the paid subscription of the RV LIFE application. 

RV LIFE Pro presents detailed park information, route planning, and navigation for seamless RV travel. 

Upgrade to RV LIFE Pro and unlock five interconnected tools for effortless journey planning, campground exploration, and custom-tailored navigation. 

Enjoy exclusive access to the RV LIFE Trip Wizard, ad-free Campgrounds exploration, RV Safe GPS, RV LIFE Masterclass, and the Maintenance Tracker for a smooth RVing experience.

RV LIFE Trip Wizard

RV LIFE Trip Wizard is a web-based trip planning tool designed for RVers.

It helps you organize and personalize your RV journey by customizing routes, accessing real-time weather and traffic updates, estimating fuel costs, and creating budgets. 

It provides detailed information on campgrounds, RV parks, attractions, and other points of interest along the way.

Access to RV LIFE Trip Wizard requires an active subscription to RV LIFE Pro.

RV LIFE Mobile App/ RV Safe GPS App

The RV LIFE mobile app will allow you to do real time RV Safe navigation, custom-tailored for your vehicle. The app also syncs with your planned trips via Trip Wizard to deliver turn-by-turn navigation, including voice and lane guidance. 

While the app can be downloaded and used for free, certain key features such as RV SAFE GPS navigation and the Trip Planner are only accessible with an active RV LIFE Pro subscription.

RV LIFE Campgrounds

RV LIFE Campgrounds is the largest and the most trusted campgrounds review sites. With more than 30,000 parks in our database, find parks with ease, read reviews from fellow RVers, learn about park amenities and features, add parks to your favorites list and much more!

With an RV LIFE Pro subscription, users enjoy an ad-free experience while using RV LIFE Campgrounds.

RV LIFE Maintenance Tracker

RV LIFE Maintenance Tracker is a web-based application that allows you to record and get maintenance reminders for your RV. Keep your RV in prime condition!

Access to the RV LIFE Maintenance Tracker is available exclusively with an active RV LIFE Pro subscription.

RV LIFE Masterclass

RV LIFE Masterclass provides online learning courses where RV experts share the best tips about purchasing your RV, transitioning to full-time in your RV, boondocking, and more.

Basic courses are available for free, while signature courses will require you to have an RV LIFE Pro subscription.

Subscribing to RV LIFE Pro

There are two ways through which you can get your RV LIFE Pro subscription.

  1. Through the RV LIFE website
  • You can get your RV LIFE Pro subscription from the RV LIFE website. Click HERE to fill in your details and activate your Pro subscription.
  1. Through the App Store/Google Play Store
  • Open the RV LIFE app downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store.

  • Sign in to your account following the prompts on the app, and enter your RV information if you haven’t already. Upon setting up your account, you will land on the Explore (Home) page.

  • Tap the "More" button on the bottom right of your screen and select “Try RV LIFE Pro”. Select our Yearly (First 7 days free) or our Monthly plan, fill in your account details, and your pro subscription will be activated.

Logging In

After downloading and installing the RV LIFE App, find the RV LIFE icon on your device and tap it to open. 

After the app loads, click on the "Get Started" button. You will see two options: "Begin" or "Skip this step."

  1. Click "Begin" and enter your email address.
    • If you have an existing RV LIFE account or are a member of any RV LIFE Network sites or apps, you will be directed to the Explore screen.

    • If you don't have an account, you'll be prompted to create one by entering your basic information, after which you will be sent an activation link in your email.
  1. Alternatively, you can click "Skip this step" to use the app without creating an account. However, it's not recommended as you'll miss out on key features and benefits.

After making your choice, you'll be taken to the Setup Your RV screen to enter your RV information. This allows the app to customize settings, maps, and features based on your vehicle. 

If you don't currently own an RV, you can select "I don't own an RV yet" and proceed to the Explore screen, marking the completion of the sign-in process.

Make The Most of RV LIFE Pro

RV LIFE is all about making RVing simple for RVers. We do so by providing interconnected tools that make sure you journey with confidence. 

Here’s what you could do to make the best use of the tools we provide:

Plan A Detailed Trip with RV LIFE Trip Wizard

  • Log in to RV LIFE Trip Wizard through your browser on your desired device (preferably a PC or tablet for best use)
    Alternatively, you can open the Trip Planner on the mobile app, and you will be redirected to your browser to start planning your trip.

  • Select "Create A Trip" and name your trip. If you have planned a date you wish to travel on, set the date. If you haven’t planned on a date yet, tap "No". You will be able to change the date later.

  • Select a location you want to start your journey from. 

  • Add stops to your journey building up to your final destination, or select a final destination and then add stops along the route.

  • Once the trip is planned, you can use the RV LIFE Mobile App while traveling for live navigation.

Turn-to-turn Navigation of Your Trip with RV SAFE GPS

  • Open the RV LIFE app on your mobile device and log in.

  • On the bottom of your screen, tap "Trips" to view any Active Trips, Tentative Trips, or Archive that you have planned on RV LIFE Trip Wizard.

  • Select any trip that you would like to start navigating. Tap "Download Trip" to download an offline map and RV safe routing data for offline navigation.

  • You’ll see Start Today’s Journey if the trip is set for that date. If the trip is set for another date, you can select "Navigate" from where you want your trip to begin.

  • Tap "Start Navigation" and the RV Safe GPS will tailor a path suitable for your vehicle according to your planned trip. 

Point-To-Point Navigation Through GPS

  • Find the RV LIFE mobile app on your phone and open it. 

  • Tap on "GPS" at the bottom of the screen, and Allow location services to enable accurate GPS navigation.

  • In the GPS feature, choose RV SAFE routing or passenger car routing (not RV safe). Tap on "Route Preferences" to customize your route. Avoid tolls, highways, ferries, tunnels, unpaved roads, and traffic by toggling the corresponding buttons.

  • Choose your starting point: you can either start from your current location or select a different starting point by entering the address or selecting it from the map. 

  • Then, select a destination. You can also choose to "Add a Stop" if you want to. 

  • Tap "Start Navigation" to get turn-by-turn directions to your destination.