Importing Trip Map to Google Maps

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Your Trip Wizard planned trips are easily available while traveling. Simply download the RV LIFE app to your mobile device and log in.  You will find your Trip Wizard planned trips under "trips" in the navigation menu. You can view turn by turn directions or begin real time navigation. The directions that follow offer another alternative.

Importing Your Trip Map to Google Maps

Once you have entered all your stops and completed your trip, select Trip Tools (the wrench icon) in the Trip Drawer. Select Export Trip when the Trip Drawer menu opens.


Next, select GPS Export.

The following menu will appear:

gps export.png


Click the Red Download GPX button.  A pop up may appear, depending on your browser. If one appears, choose the Save File option and hit OK. Name the file whatever you like and click Save.

Your computer will download your trip as a .gpx file. Keep in mind your computer settings will determine where the file will be located on your hard drive once it has been downloaded. Next, go

If you are not already signed into Google, you will be asked to sign into your account. If you don’t have a Google account, you will need to create one in order to proceed. Once you have signed in, click the red Create a New Map button.

WARNING: Google does not allow for importation of GPX into Google Maps directly from a mobile device. To ensure your map is accessible for use with your mobile device, download the file to your computer and import it into your Google Maps account. It will then sync with the rest of your devices.

device sync.png

A blank map will appear. To make your map easier to find later, give it a name by clicking in the upper left where it says Untitled Map.

blank map.png

A popup will appear:

google pop.png

In this example, we entered "Google Maps Example," but you can name it whatever you like. 

name map.png

You can also add additional information under Description, if needed. Click Save to update the name. Now that our map has a name, we’re ready to import the information we downloaded from RV LIFE Trip Wizard. Click the blue Import link under the map name.

blue import.png

A new window will appear titled Choose a file to import.

choose file to import.png

Click the blue button in the middle of the window labeled Select a file from your computer. In the window that pops up, find the file you exported from Trip Wizard and double-click it. Keep in mind your computer settings will determine where the downloaded file will be located on your hard drive. Remember, it should be named [name of your trip in Trip Wizard].gpx.

gpx save.png

Double-click on the file to upload. This may take a few moments, depending on the number of stops in your trip (30-60 seconds, maybe longer). Once the file has finished uploading, your trip will appear on the map complete with all your stops.


You are now ready to access your trip map on your mobile device.