Export to Microsoft Excel

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You can export your trip details as a Microsoft Excel file by clicking Export Trip under the Trip Tools wrench icon- wrench icon.png


Open the Trip Tools menu > Export Trip:


In the next menu, click on Excel Export.

excel export.png

A pop-up window will appear, prompting you to confirm if you would like to download the Excel file. If you have preferences on your device set up for automatic downloading, this step may be skipped according to your preferences and the pop-up window may not appear - the Excel file will begin downloading.

If you have Microsoft Excel loaded onto your computer, you will be asked whether or not you'd like the file opened immediately or saved for later. Click OK. Your computer will download your trip as an Excel file (.xlsx file format). Keep in mind your computer settings will determine where the file will be located on your hard drive once it has been downloaded.

Once you locate the file, double-click to open it in Microsoft Excel. The file will appear as shown, displaying the same Trip Summary information you have in RV LIFE Trip Wizard, minus the map.

excel 1.png

You'll also notice a second tab to the right called Turn By Turn Directions. Click this tab to view route directions for each segment of your itinerary.

route directions.png

For many trips, the directions will not fit on one screen so you will have to scroll down. Now you can make notes, enter comments or even print your itinerary to have on hand during your trip.