Using the Research Tab

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RV LIFE Trip Wizard's Research Drawer lets you search for Parks/Campgrounds and Points of Interest in the vicinity of a trip stop using the Trip Wizard map. For details on how to access the Research Drawer using a tablet or mobile device, click here.

Begin by clicking on a trip stop to center your map, then click the Research Drawer (be sure to have the Campground icon activated in the header if you wish to research parks in your area). You can also activate the Research tab by clicking the Filter icon in the top menu.


research drawer.png

The Research Drawer sidebar will appear. You should see something similar to below. You'll notice three tabs within the sidebar: Parks*, Points of Interest and Hazards.

POIs and hazards.png

* If you don't see any parks or campgrounds, make sure the Parks button pakrs button.png  is selected. You may also have to zoom out on the trip map.

NOTE: When you click the Research Drawer you'll notice the Trip Drawer will disappear to make room. To display your Trip Drawer once again, simply click the red Trip Tab on the left side of the screen.


When you select the Parks tab, keep in mind it will only show parks in the area of the map that appears on your screen. If you zoom in/out you'll notice less/more parks will appear. If you hover your mouse over an individual park, you'll notice a bouncing campground icon on the map where that park is located in relation to your trip route/stop. Each park lists its name/location, approximate mileage in relation to your trip stop, park rating/number of reviews and the type of park. 

type of parks.png

To learn more about a park, click on it to view further details. A popup window will appear as shown:

park popup .png

Click on each individual Park to view further information. Or if you wish to add this park to your trip itinerary, click Add to Your Trip in the upper right. You can also sort and filter parks to further refine your results.

refine filters.png

Once you are finished, simply click the Research tab to close the drawer and return to a fuller view of the map.

Points of Interest

To view Points of Interest (POI) in relation to your trip stop, click the POI tab within the Research Drawer window.

NOTE: Points of Interest and Additional Area Attractions will only show when you are zoomed in close enough to the map.  If you are zoomed too far out, Trip Wizard will not display them.

POIs filters.png

The POI tab displays a number of common Points of Interest as well as Fuel, Rest and Utility locations. Click the POI you wish to view. In the example below, we have clicked Fuel. Any fuel stops in the immediate area will appear on your trip map.

immediate pois.png

To add POI to your trip itinerary, simply hover over the icon on the map to view more details and select Add to Trip. Once you are finished click the Clear POI button at the bottom of the POI tab to remove the icons from your trip map.

You can click multiple boxes/Points of Interest if you wish to display more than one on the map.

You can also view Additional Area Attractions by scrolling down to the bottom of the POI tab and clicking Additional Area Attractions. A detailed menu will appear as shown below. 

additional area.png

As with the fuel example above, each time you click an area attraction any results will appear on the map. If you need to scroll the map, click the red Search for POIs button to search the new area for POIs.

red search.png

Adding POI to your Itinerary

Adding a gas station refueling (or other POI trip stop) to your itinerary works the same as adding trip Stops. Simply move your mouse cursor over the top of the icon you wish to include. A popup window will appear with additional information. Click on More Details to add this stop to your trip.

Tablets & Mobile Devices

To access the Research Tab using your tablet or smartphone, tap the Research Tab at the bottom

research tab bottom.png

The Research Tab will emerge from the right as shown. Select the POI you wish to search for:

select your POI.png

From here, it works the same as the desktop view we showed you at the beginning. Anytime you wish to return to the map or your trip itinerary, simply tap the respective tab at the bottom.