Locking Stop Dates

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In an effort to make trip building even easier, RV LIFE Trip Wizard now allows you to lock in dates for any stops on your trip. For example -- if you have Labor Day reservations at a specific park, you no longer need to add up the days to ensure your stop on Labor Day actually falls on the correct date. Now you can add the stop, lock the date of stay and then backfill your trip stops up to that point.

To do this, start by creating a New Trip just like you would normally. Be sure to enter the name of your trip, your intended start date and the location you wish to start from. Next confirm your trip settings from the Trip Settings drawer.

locking in.png

You will be directed to the Trip Screen/Map Area where you will see your starting point and date of departure in the Trip Area.


Now let's say you're beginning your trip on March 13 (as shown above), but you have reservations for Moraine Park Campground in Colorado (located just outside Rocky Mountain National Park) for March 17  departing March 20th for a total of three (3) nights. First, begin by locating the park where you have reservations by using the Search Bar. Next click Add to Trip from the Park Info popup.

park info pop.png

Once inside the Add to Your Trip popup, be sure to click the Lock Date of Stay button to lock in your dates. Next, enter your arrival and departure dates. You can also choose to add notes in the comments section, such as a reservation number or any other pertinent details. Once you are finished, click the red Add to trip button to return to the Trip/Map Area.

add to trip button.png

As you can see, your date/destination is now posted in the Trip Drawer along with a lock icon to denote that it is locked in. You'll also notice a yellow area in between your starting point and locked destination which tells you how many nights you have between these two stops.

nights between stops.png

In the event you need to make edits to your locked in destination, you can do so by simply hovering your mouse over the trip stop and selecting the pen icon. You can also unlock the trip stop (with the lock icon), get park info or delete this stop altogether.


Now you can build your trip as you normally would by selecting individual parks or points of interest along the way. Each time you enter a stop for the night, make sure you enter the # of nights you will be staying so that the Trip Drawer updates to reflect how many nights you have left between your most recent stop and the stop you have locked in.

In the example below, you'll see we've added a few stops on our journey with one night left to add before we reach our locked-in destination at Moraine Park Campground. You'll also notice how the routing on the map has changed now that we've added additional trip stops.

routing changed.png

With the Locked in Dates function, Trip Wizard now makes it even easier to build out your trips.