Searching and Filtering Parks & Places of Interest (POI's)

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When a stop in the Trip Drawer is clicked, a multicolored icon appears over that stop surrounded by purple shadowing.

purple shadowing.png

To search/filter for other parks/campgrounds in the area or local points of interest, click the Filter button in the Top Menu. You can also activate filtering by clicking the Research Drawer on the right side of your screen.

research drawer.png

The Research menu will appear. Depending on the size of your screen, your Trip Drawer may disappear to make room. Keep in mind you can always restore this by simply clicking the red Trip tab on the left side of the screen (this will be at the bottom for mobile device users).

trips tab.png

As you can see, the Research menu has three tabs to choose from -- Parks, Points of Interest and Hazards. Each tab offers a number of filtering selections to choose from.

filtering selections.png

You can expand each filter by clicking the green down arrow to the right of the filter selection. Scroll to view different attributes. In the case of the Parks tab, you must make sure the Parks button is activated in the top menu to view your selections on the map. Keep in mind you may have to zoom out to see your selections.

zoom out selections.png

If you wish to view Points of Interest, click the Points of Interest tab and choose your selections. Again, you must be sure to click the Points of Interest icon in the top menu to view your selections.

view selections.png

To clear your filters, click the Clear Filters button at the bottom of the Research tab. 

Places of Interest

Let's say you're taking a trip through South Dakota and you want to see if there are any National Parks in the area. Simply enter 'National Park South Dakota' in the Search bar as shown below. As you're typing, a dropdown menu will appear displaying common Places of Interest in relation to your search. 

common POI.png