Day Stops and Custom Stops

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Sometimes you have a place you want to visit, but not stay overnight. We call that a Day Stop or a Custom Stop depending on what type of park it is. With RV LIFE Trip Wizard, you can add this stop with a 0 (zero) night stay and it will appear on your trip. The fuel cost to drive there is added, but with no camping or meal costs. A good example of a day stop might be one familiar to you. Let’s say we are at Cherry Hill Park outside Washington, D.C.

cherry park.png

It’s the closest park to Washington, D.C. and rates as one of the best in the U.S. From Cherry Hill, let's say you want to go to Philadelphia, PA to stay the night. But along the way, you want to visit the Gettysburg National Military Park. Just enter that in the address box, click Find and it appears as a custom stop.

click find.png

Select the purple pin to bring up the location details.

select purple pin.png

Click on More Details. Since this is a Point of Interest and not a RV Park/Campground, a Custom Stop window will appear.

add custom spot.png

Set the trip with a 0 (zero) night stay (since this is a day stop and not an overnight stop) and click Add to Trip. You can also add any notes to the comment section or even place this stop somewhere else along your route using the Add this Stop After function. Now it is a day stop as shown below.

day stop.png

From here you can continue planning your trip to Philadelphia by either entering a location via the Search bar or selecting a location on the map.

Custom Stops (with individual names)

Another nice feature of the address field is that you can customize individual stop names. For example, say you want to visit Joe, your brother who lives in Camden, New Jersey. We enter his address in the Search box as shown.

search box.png

The address will be displayed on the map. Hover over the pin just as you did in the Day Stop example above and click More Details. The Custom Stop window will appear.

custom stop window.png

Place your cursor in the Name field to customize the name for this stop. In this case, we simply added "Joe's Place", but kept the address. Once you are satisfied, click Add to Trip. It will automatically be renamed accordingly in the Trip Drawer, as shown below. 

automatic .png