About Downloaded Maps

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Offline Downloads allow you to download maps for each state that your trip passes thru. This is a great feature when traveling to areas with spotty cell service.  Maps can be large files and so you'll want to have a robust internet connection (wifi or 5G best) to speed this process.

  1. Open the RV Life App and and login.
  2. Touch "More" on the bottom right.
  3. Touch "Offline Storage" to find the option to download USA, Mexico and Canada maps.  For example-touch "USA" and then select your states you want to drive thru -Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida etc.

After a trip, you can go here once again and free up memory by deleting maps.

For Android users: You can store your maps on an SD card. If you elect to do this, all your downloaded maps need to be downloaded to the SD card.