Planning Your Trip

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Each time you login, you'll find the New Trip and Open a Trip buttons in the center of the screen. You can choose to create a trip here by selecting the New Trip button. The New Trip and Open a Trip buttons are also located in the top menu and will remain there regardless of whether you have a trip open or not.

planning a trip.png

If you are using a tablet or smartphone, you will first need to tap the Trip tab at the bottom of the screen, then select New Trip.

new trip.png

In either case (mobile device or web browser), a popup window will appear:

new trip popup.png

Start by entering a name for your trip. If you know what day you are leaving, enter it here. If you do not know the date you are leaving, RV LIFE Trip Wizard will enter today's date as a default, which you can change later. Once you are finished, click Create. A second box will ask for your starting location. You can do this one of three ways:

starting loction.png

If you choose Method A (Use your Current Location) you'll see a message in your browser confirming your answer:

confirm location.png

Selecting Allow means you are giving your browser permission to obtain the location of your computer, tablet or cell phone from your wireless carrier or a local wi-fi network. If your device does not have a GPS locator, nothing will happen and you will have to add your location manually via the Address box in Method B.

Note: Selecting Use your Current Location will get the starting point close to your current location, but may not get it exact. You can always input your address manually using Method B (Using search to select a starting location), as well as the location of a particular Point of Interest.

Clicking the Show Map button in Method C will take you to a map with icons representing campgrounds and other points of interest. If you choose not to let RV LIFE Trip Wizard obtain your location, or if your device does not have position location,  you must enter an address in the Search bar at the top of the screen or click on an icon (like a campground). Whenever you create a new trip the following Settings box will appear:

setting box.png

You'll notice it requires similar information to the Default Settings box you completed when you first started using RV LIFE Trip Wizard. In addition to trip-specific naming and notes, you can also adjust the RV Info, Routing & Driving and Expenses tab. The difference is, the information entered in this Settings box will ONLY apply to your current trip. Once you have entered and adjusted all the necessary information, click Save at the bottom of the Trip Settings drawer.

Now in the case of our example, we chose "Use the map to set your own custom location" in the Choose your Starting Location popup above. To select our starting location, we will have to enter it in the Search bar in the Top Menu.

Screen Shot 2023-08-17 at 19.43.06.png

Once we have done so, a purple icon Screen Shot 2023-08-17 at 19.44.09.png will appear on the map, along with a popup that includes additional details, as shown below.

Screen Shot 2023-08-17 at 19.44.53.png

To make this the start of your trip, select More Details. A popup will appear asking if you would like to save this location as a Custom Stop (otherwise known as your starting point). You can also choose to rename this stop, add the number of nights you might be staying (though if this is your starting point this is probably not necessary) as well as any additional comments you and your traveling companions might find important or helpful.

custom stop.png

Once you select Save, your starting location will appear in the Trip Area. For more information on how to Add Trip Stops, click here or scroll down below.


Additional Tips

When starting a trip, the number of miles traveled, nights stayed and trip cost columns are set to zero. These will be incremented for each leg of the trip as additional campgrounds, points of interest or custom stops are entered.

To add a destination, simply enter a new address using the Search bar in the header as you did earlier, or click on a map icon, such as a campground or other point of interest. The Wizard will automatically create a route based on your existing Trip Preferences as shown by a purple dot.

Now let's say you want your next destination to be somewhere near Dallas/Carrollton, TX, but you don't know exactly where you'll be staying. That's no problem. First, select Carrollton as your destination by entering it into the Search bar (as you did in the previous example above). Next click the Campground and Parks tab in the Top Menu or, if you're looking for a particular Point of Interest you can select the Point of Interest button (not selected here) as well as the Research tab to the right.

research tab.png

In this example, a map of the Dallas metro area will appear displaying all nearby campgrounds & parks (selected) and other Points of Interest. From there, simply select the icon where you wish to stay and add it to your trip. For more information on how to Add a Trip Stop click here or see the section below.

Note: Many of our subscribers enter a series of cities near where they wish to visit. This gives them a series of purple dots. Then, by selecting each dot, subscribers can add campgrounds in the area where they will stay. From there, they will go back and delete the individual stop (in this case, the city they entered) that is no longer needed.

Some users ONLY use the city dots. this is the same thing as just marking a paper map. It wastes the power and usefulness of RV LIFE Trip Wizard.

Another way to use the Wizard is to enter your start and end points, and fill in campgrounds along the route. Or you can simply add one campground after another. Your choice!

Now we'll fast forward and add several campgrounds to our trip. As we go, you'll notice that the campgrounds where you are a member (in this example, Good Sam), or those you have an interest in (e.g. Corps of Engineers parks), are shown according to their individual icons. All other campgrounds use the green tent icon.

green tent.png

You can, of course, select any campground where you wish to stay and the system will create a route based on your Trip Preferences. The last campground in the list has our driving radii shown.