Getting Started

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RV LIFE Trip Wizard is designed to be as intuitive as possible. We have tried to make things simple and straightforward, organized according to what we think is a logical flow. That said, there is always room for improvement and we welcome your suggestions and input. Please Contact Us to share your concerns and suggestions.

RV LIFE Trip Wizard runs on PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones and Android devices and requires Internet access and a modern browser. We back up your data each time you log in, update preferences, create trips and make changes to existing trips, so you'll never have to worry about losing data in the event your computer freezes or crashes. 


Let's start at the beginning, where you enter the Member Login page of RV LIFE Trip Wizard. This is the screen you will see when you log in.

login trip wizard.png

Before we start, please make sure that your browsers have support for Javascript turned on. See RV LIFE Trip Wizard supports modern browsers, for example Chrome, Firefox, & Safari.

Enter the email address you signed up with and your password.

You can click the Remember Me box so that you only need to click the Login button in the future. 

If you forget your password, click Forgot Your Password and we will send it to the email address we have on file.

First-Time Login

The first time you log in to the system, you will be asked to set your Default Settings to ensure you get the most out of RV LIFE Trip Wizard. This is an input form that asks for information about your RV, road and mileage preferences, and a few expense items.

first log in.png

Each input area contains a short description and many of the entries are fairly straightforward. Once you start building your trip, the Trip Planner will calculate your route based on the information listed here. This includes user preferences like whether or not to take toll roads, avoiding low clearances, whether to add refueling warnings when it's time to fill up, and other important details. If you see a low clearance sign on your route, zoom in on it and you will most likely see that it is an underpass on a road crossing under your route and not on the route itself.


RV Info

Screen Shot 2023-08-16 at 20.08.10.png

The RV Info tab lets you add important information pertaining to your RV, including the height, length and weight of your RV. You can input this information manually or use our RV Look Up Option, which will source key RV details based on vehicle type, year, manufacturer, model, and trim. With this information, RV LIFE Trip Wizard can create alerts notifying you any time you are near bridges, overpasses or mountain roads that lack the height/length to accommodate your vehicle. You will need to scroll down with your mouse (or finger if you're using a mobile device) to input additional information included in the bullet points below.

  • Select your Fuel Type from the drop down menu. This will be helpful when you're looking for gas stations near trip stops. We'll cover this in greater detail in Planning Your Trip.
  • Select whether or not you will be carrying propane on your trip. If propane is selected AND you choose RV Friendly Routing (in the Routing & Driving tab), you will automatically be routed around tunnels that prohibit propane.
  • Fuel Capacity corresponds to the number of gallons your fuel tank can hold.
  • Fuel Economy is the amount of miles per gallon you can get in your RV.
  • Fuel Reserve is the amount of gas you want to have in reserve during the trip building process. RV LIFE Trip Wizard keeps track of your mileage and will place a refueling icon on the map once this threshold has been reached.

Routing & Driving

Screen Shot 2023-08-16 at 20.21.40.png

Routing lets you choose whether or not you wish to avoid Major Highways, Toll Roads or Ferries when creating your trip. You can also choose between Standard Routing, which will route you according to current HERE map information, or RV Friendly Routing, which will take into account any road restrictions that will inhibit your ability to travel in your RV (low clearances, turns too sharp for RV length, avoiding grades that are too steep and load zoned bridges).


If you're planning a trip during the winter months, RV LIFE Trip Wizard matches your trip dates with information pertaining to mountain passes, ferry routes and other seasonal road closures. If your trip falls within the dates these routes are typically closed, RV LIFE Trip Wizard will automatically choose a route to avoid these closures.

Please note: Some passes or roads close earlier/later than planned dates due to unforeseen circumstances like storms or flooding. It is always your responsibility to check with local authorities for any special announcements.


Driving lets you set the amount of time or distance you would like to drive each day. Start by entering your average driving speed in miles per hour. From there, either select Use Routing Engine Estimate or Use My Average Driving Speed to calculate your Driving Time.

  • If Routing Engine Estimate is selected, the Turn by Turn directions function will calculate drive time based on posted speed limits.
  • If Use My Average Driving Speed is selected, RV LIFE Trip Wizard will use the number you entered in the Average Driving Speed box above to determine travel time. 

Driving Radius

Screen Shot 2023-08-16 at 20.25.01.png

To explore the Driving Radius options, scroll down while remaining in the Routing & Driving tab. Driving Radius lets you calculate the amount of time/distance you wish to drive each day. You can select from three options: Average Hours Each Day, Distance (in the form of three circles: Minimum Distance, Medium Distance, Maximum Distance) or Don't Show a Radius. These fields determine your driving preferences radii. For more information on how Driving Radius works on your map see here.


Screen Shot 2023-08-16 at 20.26.19.png

The Expenses tab lets you estimate the cost of each trip you create by adding a rough estimate of expenses for things like Camping, Meals, Miscellaneous Expenses as well as the Average Cost per Gallon of fuel.

For each stop RV LIFE Trip Wizard will default to these estimates. You can manually override these defaults as desired. 

You've Finished Entering Your Information. Now What?


Once you've entered information into each of the tabbed areas, click the green Save Settings button. Save Settings will automatically load the last trip you worked on whenever you enter the Trip Planner. If this is your first time with Trip Wizard it will revert to the main trip screen.


You can always make adjustments to your Settings by clicking Your Name in the RV LIFE Trip Wizard Header and selecting Default Settings from the dropdown menu.


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